September 14, 2018

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(1.)  How did you enjoy dealing with your Sales Design Consultant?

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(2.)  Did we provide enough of a Product Selection to choose from?

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(3.)  How would you rate our White Glove In-Home Delivery Service?

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(4.)  Overall, how would you rate your experience with Cadieux Interiors?

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September 13, 2018

L. Mundy

"We had a very good experience shopping at Cadieux. John, our salesperson was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We love our new sofa. Thank-you very much!"
September 08, 2018

G. Taillon

"We have been working with JP for a number of years.  He has always been patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable.  We would like to thank JP and the entire team at Cadieux Interiors for their outstanding products, expertise and service."
September 07, 2018

C. Dixon

"We had a great experience both in your store and with the multiple times your delivery guys came to our house. I would recommend you to anyone. I am so happy with the look of our home. JP is awesome!"
June 07, 2018

L. Clement

"Excellent service from John. Your delivery team was amazing. Very courteous. Took care of not damaging or dirtying anything. Overall, our experience was above expectations and this is why we keep coming back. We are very happy with our furniture. It's looking fabulous in the new cottage. Thanks."
April 29, 2018

J. Keiver

"We are really pleased with our purchase from Cadieux Interiors.  Thank you."
April 23, 2018

M. Lyons

"How did you enjoy dealing with your Salesperson/Designer? Terrific advice, always provides great service. In-home delivery? always amazing. Overall, how would you rate your experience with Cadieux Interiors? great selection and service"

March 07, 2018

J. Morris

"Most important the furniture is of excellent quality and I am very satisfied with what I received. I placed my order on August 3rd. I was informed it would take 7 or 8 weeks to complete the order and ship. When I called in early October after 9 weeks had passed, there was a lot of confusion, and I was told Lee Industries had overbooked and run out of frames. Why it took my call after 9 weeks to find out this information from Cadieux, I was not told. Not indicative of proactive or customer centric service at any rate. I did not receive the chair part 1 of the order until December 11 and the sofa was not delivered until Jan 18th. In other words 131 days from order to delivery of the chair and 169 days for the delivery of the sofa. Whether the fault rests with Lee Industries or with Cadieux, I should have been informed earlier, and I should have been offered and given some sort of compensation.  Can't say I am impressed by how your back office handled the transaction and my interests as a customer. Thank you."
March 06, 2018

A. & T. Murchison

"From start to finish the service has been excellent. Choice of product and assistance with selections has been wonderful. Will be purchasing from the store again."
March 06, 2018

R. Selleck

"Cadieux gets a A+ from me on all fronts… service is fantastic, quality is top notch.  John is particularly helpful and makes the whole experience fun."
March 06, 2018

H. Harsch

"You go a great job in every aspect."
November 23, 2017

M. Golian

"Great customer service and furniture selection."
October 14, 2017

D. Kwik

"Very pleased with the service from start to end. I had some issues with my mattress fitting the bed and your sales staff resolved that for me with an option promptly."
October 05, 2017

N. Larose

"Delivery people were very professional and very nice and helpful."
October 05, 2017

I. Stacey

"I enjoyed working with the staff in selecting the leather chairs."
August 30, 2017

C. Baril

"I would love to participate in your survey as both sale and delivery were exemplary however I cannot seem to place any "x"'s in required spots. That being said we love shopping with John and his delivery team are fantastic!:)"
July 24, 2017

F. Gooderham

"I have previously found furniture shopping very stress full and I have a very hard  </div> <div>time making a decision. Probably, this stems from a purchase I made years ago, that didn't work out as I expected it would..but this time with the help of Barbara Steele of Place ID for space planning and Rob Moran it has been a most pleasant experience. The furniture I chose, is actually nicer than I imagined it would be. I was fixated on a discontinued chair, and Rob found 2 for me.  They are beautiful and just the perfect size for the room. The order arrived in the specified time, and the delivery service was impeccable.  The gentlemen removed their shoes and washed their hands before bringing in the new furniture.  I am thrilled and would definitely come back to Cadieux Interiors for future purchases. They made it so easy for me!  Thank you!"
July 20, 2017

K. Calagoure

"Lucie has been beyond patient with Gary and I, her knowledge and willingness to change directions as we change directions is unparalleled. Lucie's experience and expertise lends well to understanding that no matter the budget or the bank account there is a way to ensure everyone is happy, at the end of the day, with their choices in home furnishings. Kind regards."
July 19, 2017

C. Muir & J. Walker

"We appreciate having an opportunity to provide feedback. Cadieux interiors is a wonderful shop with beautiful pieces and very knowledgeable staff.   1. One suggestion we offer is to please ensure customers are informed sooner and proactively when items are on back order.  In our case, we would not have changed our order but we would have found it helpful to know earlier.  2. The only reason we rate the sales person / designer as good rather than excellent is that we were already working with our own designer."

While our overall experience with Cadieux was excellent, we would particularly like to note the outstanding service from your delivery team both from the warehouse and on-site at our home.  Pierre and his delivery team are client focussed, professional, accommodating and extremely good at their jobs.  The team was particularly careful during delivery of furniture and setting it up in our new home. They represent the Cadieux brand very, very well."

July 19, 2017

S. Iacono

"Rob was a real pleasure to deal with. The service he provided was exceptional and very much appreciated.  We are very pleased with our purchase. Please extend our thanks to Rob for his professionalism and assistance. The delivery team was superb. They were extremely careful in bringing in our new ViSpring mattress and were courteous and pleasant. Overall, we are very pleased with the excellent customer experience provided to us by Cadieux. We will definitely be back when we need anything else. Thank you."
May 12, 2017

L. Jarvis (Interior Designer)

"I know that I, along with my clients will always get superior service when shopping at Cadieux."
May 12, 2017

I. Bowmer

"Overall a great experience and the home delivery was excellent. Thank you"
March 27, 2017

R. Hill

"Your delivery service is outstanding. This was the third time I had furniture delivered from Cadieux. Each time the service was exceptional. No complaints what so ever with your products, your store or your service. We love shopping there."
March 27, 2017

J. See

"I have been recommending your store as most people who come visit my house ask where I got the furniture. Most of them do not know of your store which I find is too bad as you have a wonderful selection and great service. It is also nice to support local family-owned businesses."
February 28, 2017

K. & T. Lewis

"Always a pleasure going to Cadieux Interiors. Professional friendly staff that know the true value of customer service. The design service we have received over the years from  JP has been exceptional. JP has spent countless hours with us providing us with an unrivaled selection of furniture and accessories to choose from , attentive service and knowledgeable design advice."
February 14, 2017

L. Champigny

"As a decorator, I enjoy shopping at Cadieux, I am finding more price points that can fit my budget and that might be easier to persuade my clients to shop at Cadieux.  I have brought clients at Cadieux but even though the prices were comparable with another shop, my client seem to be intimidated with the whole feel of the space.  I personally love the classy feel of the space but it somehow needs to appeal a bit more to more level of buyers. There is a need in Ottawa for a furniture store of Cadieux Level, (for some reasons I tend to compare it with ELTE in Toronto)  but not on all levels. I have used the online request for prices, but never got a response, something to look at.  More and more people shop on line, getting a quick response is imperative in poking people's curiosity to see beyond the website.  I hope that I have provided you with productive feedback. Thank you very much."
February 14, 2017

R. & E. Mondoux

"Merci pour le courriel, j'essaie de mettre mon X a 'excellent'  pour toutes les categories mais me ne peux trouver la falcon de le faire. Prends ce courriel comme confirmation de notre part que nous avons ete des plus satisfaits dans tous les aspects de notre achat chez vous, ainsi que de notre interaction avec Rob Moran. Dis lui bonjour de notre part."
January 05, 2017

S. Barnes (Commercial - Project Coordinator)

"The whole experience was very good!  Rob was very helpful and prompt in his reply.  We had an exceptional situation where we didn’t have too much flexibility and he went along and provided great results.  The delivery was perfect, the guys are always fantastic to work with. Thank you!!"

January 04, 2017

A. Tippett

"We love the American Leather section and bar stools.  John was great to work with again."
January 04, 2017

L. Campbell

"Excellent service from all involved. John, Pierre and the 2 young men who delivered and installed the furniture were all excellent. Thank you and we enjoy our new furniture very much."
December 09, 2016

D. Lamontagne

"JP and Pierre were both professional and forth coming... We would not hesitate purchasing from Cadieux Interiors in the future based on the impeccable service, product quality and overall sales experience. In addition, I must say that Pierre was very understanding and proactive in rectifying the problem we had with the dresser we selected. We haven't seen this type of service in a long time; it's nice to know that there is this type of quality service in the industry."
October 15, 2016

R. & R. Bazinet, Ottawa

"Thank you for your great service, much appreciated!"
October 15, 2016

A. Lefebvre, Ottawa

"We had, as in the past an excellent experience at your store. John Leblanc, who has been helping us for several years has been the key of our extraordinary experience of moving into our condo, and we thank him very much."
October 15, 2016

A. & L. Lefebvre, Ottawa

"We had an excellent experience from your delivery staff. They were polite, clean and very effective...thank you."
August 24, 2016

Rosie, Ottawa

"Everything and everyone was excellent. We love your store and the selection of furniture."
August 16, 2016

C. Charette (Designer), Studio853, Ottawa

"All round excellent service, personalized, friendly, accommodating and most importantly very professional on all aspects!"
July 08, 2016

M. Allard, Ottawa

"Nous avons reçu un excellent service de John et de la livraison également. Merci beaucoup"
July 07, 2016

E. McAuley, Ottawa

"Bonjour! L'ambiance, l'accueil, le service et la livraison: tout etait agreable et excellent. Merci et bonne fin de journee!"
June 16, 2016

S. & E. Cook, Ottawa

"It was a total pleasure."
June 12, 2016

A. Zolop, Ottawa

"I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Rob Moran in the furnishing of our dining room. Rob is both knowledgeable and professional in equal measure; providing invaluable expertise and assistance from the conceptualization stage to the delivery of our furniture. Thank you, Rob!"
June 12, 2016

A. Poloz, Ottawa

" I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with Rob Moran in the furnishing of our dining room. Rob is both knowledgeable and professional in equal measure; providing invaluable expertise and assistance from the conceptualization stage to the delivery of our furniture. Thank you, Rob!"
June 01, 2016

U. Kucera, Ottawa

"It is always a treat to come into the store and chat with Rob and get ideas. The delivery folks are always friendly and helpful. Thanks as always for a great experience."
May 31, 2016

C. Dube, Ottawa

"Lucie's assistance was invaluable; thanks for all your help!"
May 31, 2016

A. Abu Hashem, Ottawa

"I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to provide my opinion. I would like to mention that throughout the last 2 years I have had 3 wonderful experiences with John LeBlanc. I'm more than satisfied and wouldn't go anywhere else."
May 28, 2016

K. Kealey & J. Chouinard, Ottawa

"Joe and I have been extremely happy with our entire experience with the Cadieux team and support professionals over the last several months. We look forward to dealing with all of you again in the coming months and years."
May 28, 2016

S. MacKinnon & J. Busko, Ottawa

"Though you did not have a huge selection of carpets to choose from, we ended up with a great bed and a great carpet that we love. I may have had my doubts at first about the carpet but JP did not disappoint with his suggestion. They look great together in the room. Thanks JP !!"
May 28, 2016

S. MacKinnon, Ottawa

"Though you did not have a huge selection of carpets to choose from, we ended up with a great bed and a great carpet that we love. I may have had my doubts at first about the carpet but JP did not disappoint with his suggestion.  They look great together in the room.  Thanks JP !!"
May 06, 2016

A. Adams, Ottawa

"Lucie was a pleasure to deal with, extremely helpful and very accommodating. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you"
April 13, 2016

Michael and Louise Phelan, Ottawa

"We have been clients for over 23 years and always have had excellent service from Lucie Cadieux and her team of professionals!"
April 10, 2016

D. & J. Davidge, Ottawa

It’s not everyday that we spend almost $10,000 on chairs & slipcovers and Lucie Cadieux was excellent in taking us through the process. With her gentle guidance on quality, style and design we were comfortable at every stage. Also, Lucie gave us great advice on a reupholsterer and slipcover seamstress for some of our other furniture which was very useful.  

Our new chairs look fantastic.  Thanks Lucie! We are very pleased and will be heading back to Cadieux for a new sofa this year.

March 20, 2016

Tony and Lise, Ottawa

“Dear J.P., We are writing today to express our overwhelming satisfaction with the quality of Cadieux’s delivery service and team. After purchasing a very large wall unit, it quickly became apparent that this piece was going to be very difficult perhaps impossible to get to the desired location in our home. Pierre, Martin and Chris were unwavering in their determination to get the job done. They were optimistic, resourceful and demonstrated professionalism. It was a pleasure dealing with them and we wanted to take a moment to thank all three of them for their time and effort. The friendly staff at Cadieux has never disappointed us. We always receive excellent service when we walk into your store. It is comforting to know that this quality of service extends to the delivery.”
March 06, 2016

Susan, Ottawa

“JP - The bed and night stands were delivered today, and I absolutely love them!! I don’t think I could have made a better choice. The paint is fabulous, really brightens up the room and gives it a much softer look. Once it is fully completed, it will look exactly as I had envisioned it to be. I want to thank you for all your time and patience in assisting me with my new bedroom; I could not have done it without your expertise!! ”
February 03, 2016

C & R Azrak, Ottawa

"The service is excellent and I would recommend Cadieux to all my Family and Friends. I look forward to my next buy at Cadieux."
December 23, 2015

P. Stewart, Ottawa

"The only thing I would comment on is that the supplier of our stools took a lot longer to send them than expected."
December 23, 2015

T. Maville, Ottawa

"Excellent all around!  Thank you!  Beautiful bedroom set."

December 21, 2015

B. Cheeseman, Ottawa

"We are very pleased with our furniture purchases at Cadieux. The sectional is amazing, comfy and fits the space perfectly. The Bernhardt bed that I have in my guest room is wonderful. As a matter of fact, it makes me want a new bed for the Master. Maybe in the new year!"
December 09, 2015

T. Lager, Ottawa

"Fantastic experience from the moment we walked into Cadieux, to our 1st glorious night in our new ViSpring. Thank you so much!"
December 08, 2015

E. Archard, Ottawa

"We couldn't be more pleased with the process and the final result!"
December 02, 2015

C. McBride, Ottawa

"Outstanding service, selection and quality, as usual."
October 09, 2015

D. Tremblay, Ottawa

"I have always received excellent service and as such I do not hesitate to recommend Cadieux to Family and Friends."
August 14, 2015

Monique & Ted, Ottawa

“Thank you for all of your help in making our living room a beautiful place to spend time in. Dealing with our Designer – Excellent, Product Selection – Excellent, In-Home delivery – Excellent, Overall experience in dealing with Cadieux Interiors – Excellent.”
August 03, 2015

D. Laflamme, Ottawa

“My experience with Cadieux is always excellent. Customer service is superb, questions are always answered in a timely and complete manner and you make me feel “special” when I am in your store. No pressure …just a really nice shopping experience.”
July 31, 2015

D. Allan, Ottawa

"It took awhile to get the sectional, but I am aware that is not in Cadieux's control...I would give an excellent' to all the items in the survey."
July 29, 2015

R. Schnob, Ottawa

"When we first dealt with your store, some years ago, we dealt with salesperson (Sylvie) and found her excellent.  When we started dealing with our present salesperson, we felt he was a little insistent when trying to sell his designer skills which we were not at all interested in purchasing.  We now like him very much and find that he works very hard to find us what we want.  We are still not interested in home design services and we think he understands that. 

We love that we can consult and view  your suppliers merchandise through your website.  Whomever thought that up is brilliant. We need only arrive at your store with a picture of what we are looking for.  Your salesperson can then offer to show us other similar pieces and make recommendations.

Your home delivery service is the best I have ever encountered for any type of product delivery.

Your store is the only one where we seem to find what we are looking for without having to go the Montréal or Toronto.  Hope you are around for a long time.  Your pieces are expensive, to be sure, but the quality is good.  The only disappointment we have had is when we bought Baker dinning room chair.  They were expensive and we had asked for fabric that could be cleaned if need be.  Turns out, the fabric was not one that could be cleaned.  Eventually, we will have to replace the fabric.  We are not looking forward to the cost."

July 28, 2015

F. Carlson, Ottawa

I'm very satisfied and happy with the service that I got from Cadieux. Thank you.
July 06, 2015

Ann (Designer), Ottawa

“Although my experience is always excellent, I would like to speak to you about the chair we purchased recently – rocker swivel. The seat cushion is so poorly constructed I will have to have a new one made. I did not want this to be part of the survey!! I always enjoy working with you and do not want these comments to reflect badly on Cadieux. I will talk to you about this when you return from vacation. I hope you are enjoying your holiday."
June 11, 2015

L. Garvin, Ottawa - June 11, 2015

During the selection of our furniture, JP was very helpful. He had great ideas for fabrics and provided great assistance in helping us make our final decision, while helping us stay close to our budget. The delivery men were very professional and courteous. They removed their shoes each time they entered the house, and were very pleasant to deal with. We will definitely return to Cadieux for our future furniture needs.
May 23, 2015

C. Birchall, Ottawa

"Excellent, except for selection - but you must understand, that I probably wouldn't ever be satisfied by just one supplier! I have been dealing with JP and Cadieux now for a few years, since I moved to Ottawa, and it has taken me a while to pull it all together in our new home. But Cadieux has been a major resource for me, and all my dealings with Cadieux (and with JP in particular) have been excellent. Thank you."
May 15, 2015

K. Daniels-Nanni, Ottawa

"We love our mattress and of course the dresser and bed. Thanks Cadieux!"
May 14, 2015

K. Moricon, Ottawa

"It would be good to get information on order status. Sometimes there is a long gap. John was fantastic in advising us on pieces. We really trust his advice."
May 14, 2015

C. Bohn, Ottawa

"We have been Customers for a long time. Your service is excellent in all fronts. The staff are courteous and knowledgeable."
May 14, 2015

L. Johnson, Ottawa

"I would rate everything as excellent. It's been a positive experience so far."
February 23, 2015

P. Kurtz, Ottawa

"I would answer "excellent" on all four questions. I found the in-store process to be a bit slow, and the on-the-floor collection to be somewhat limited with respect to living room furniture, but I understand that only so much can be done about those issues."
February 17, 2015

J. Holtom (Designer), Ottawa

"I just wanted you all to know how warm and friendly everyone is when I visit. Very accommodating and always eager to help. Great selection and if there's something in particular I am looking for you always source options which is much appreciated. Never an issue to borrow swatches which is also really great. I recommend shopping at Cadieux to everyone!"
February 13, 2015

C. Erdman, Ottawa

"It took a while to get our furniture delivered, but it was well worth the wait. The prompt service to my emails by Pierre and Lucie was awesome. That is what made this purchase a great experience."
January 18, 2015

Paul and Pauline, Ottawa

"Rob was helpful, knowledgeable and patient in accompanying our decision-making process. We really appreciated working with him. Excellent selection of top-quality beds. The same two-person crew made the two deliveries to our home. They were professional, courteous, well-organized and attentive to details (e.g. we were really pleased they asked to wash their hands before handling the cloth of the mattress and of the white bases and headboard. This was the mark of a truly professionally trained team.). We appreciate top quality and service that is not 'in your face' or aggressive."
January 17, 2015

J. MacEwan, Ottawa

"Enjoyed shopping at your store!"
January 16, 2015

E. Poulter, Ottawa

"Very happy with our table!"