Q25 Adjustable Bed "Adjust to an Amazing Sleep"

COMFORT AT YOUR COMMAND either by remote or voice.

The Q25 voice-activated system provides for hands-free functionality you might expect from a more expensive adjustable base. Use voice commands or the full-featured wireless remote to adjust both the head and foot to your perfect position. And with elevated features like programmable presets, underbed lighting, massage, and a pressure-relieving Zero G settings, The Q25 can turn your bedroom into a work-from-home office or a get-away-from-work retreat. 


  • Can be used 3 ways: as a standalone base for your mattress, or inside a bedframe doing away with the boxspring or on a platform bed
  • Wireless Remote
  • Head Up or Down & Foot Up or Down Positions
  • One Button to go back to flat position
  • Zero-Gravity Button - Helps promote circulation and relieve pressure
  • 3 Programmable memory buttons for your favourite sleeping, TV viewing or reading position
  • Subtle Massage built into the bedframe
  • Underbed Lighting
  • Remote Flashlight built in to the remote
  • Voice Activated wand can be used instead of remote
  • Dual USB for charging devices
  • Adjustable height legs: 3", 6", 9" or 12"
  • Zero Standby Power System
  • Battery Backup Power outage Protection
  • Comes with Whisper Quiet Silent Drive Motors