American Leather Comfort Sleeper - Exclusive Features and Comfort Benefits

  • The patented mechanism opens and closes almost effortlessly,
  • with solid platforms that provide even support with no bars, no springs, and no sagging.
  • Every Comfort Sleeper is available in King, Queen Plus 66" wide mattress, Queen, Full, Twin, Cot and Double Cot. 
  • Available with 3 amazing mattress options. 
    • Tempur-Pedic®, world-renowned. 
    • Gel, a little on the softer side, or 
    • Premier, a little on the firmer side.

More sleep space requires less floor space.  All of our mattresses offer a full 80 inches of sleeping surface, yet they take up less total floor area than conventional sleepers (whose mattresses are only 70-75 inches in length) because our patented sleep system extends from within the seat back of the sofa. 

Comfort Sleeper diagram

Small space? Narrow hallways? No problem. We make Comfort Sleepers to fit the smallest apartments, condos and cottages. Your authorized Comfort Sleeper dealer easily can disassemble your sleeper to get it through tight entries. Perfect for converting any room into a guest room, queen-size Comfort Sleepers come as small as 69 inches wide. The unique design also fits through narrow hallways and doorways. 

Dust barrier prevents dirt or dust from ever touching the mattress.  The  Comfort Sleeper is protected by a cloth under shield. When guests arrive, your Comfort Sleeper mattress will fold out without any dust bunnies clinging to the mechanism. They’ll never experience a cleaner sleep. (Not available on Brynlee and Hannah as the mattresses on these styles are not near the floor.)

An enduring value. American Leather builds furniture that provides years of trouble-free service. And should something go wrong, your Comfort Sleeper mechanism is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for three years.