Positano (Gardenia - Limited Special Edition) Candle

AVAILABILTY: We have 5 ON DISPLAY In Our Showroom

SIZE: 4.25"H x 3.25"W

BURNING TIME: 55-60 hours

THE FRAGRANCE: Elaborated in partnership with renowned perfumers, all Trudon fragrances are developed with the utmost care and patience. Fragrance Notes: Head: Neroli, Gardenia, Bergamot. Heart: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Magnolia. Base: Tuberose, Peruvian Balsam, Lily

THE WAX: The wax formulas of the Trudon candles are the fruit of specific developments which are the source of its exceptional olfactory and burning qualities

THE GLASS: Each glass is unique and hand-crafted in Tuscany. Their shape is inspired by champagne buckets.

MADE IN : France


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