Magnicool Gel 12 - Super Soft - King Size (ON MARGO BED)

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The MagniCool Gel 12 Super Soft Mattress from Magniflex offers plush comfort combined with unparalleled coolness thanks to the innovative cover fabric and the inner layer of Magnigel, which promotes air circulation and keeps the temperature between the body and the mattress constant and comfortable.


  • Comfort Level:  Firm - Medium Firm - Medium Soft - Soft - Super Soft 
  • Support:  Firm - Medium - Soft 


  • 12", Boxspring Sold Separately 


  • Mattress meets OEKO TEX Standard 100; certifies the absence of toxic materials and off-gassing,
  • No use of petroleum based bi-products or toxic materials such as adhesives (glues) which can lead to headaches,
  • Made using breathable materials to help reduce heat retention while sleeping,
  • Materials used are 100% Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite free which help reduce sneezing and asthma attacks,
  • Core materials are designed to provide superior anatomical support and spinal relaxation resulting in a better nights sleep.


  • 12" of NON-TOXIC VEGAN FOAM - This vegetable oil based foam is Produced and Patented in Italy to the highest quality and safety standards by way of a water based process that allows for the foam to suit a wide range of body support and sleep comfort needs using a variety of different foam materials.


  • LAYER (A) - MAGNICOOL COVER - Is made up of thousands of silicate material micro-particles distributed between the fibers that keep the mattress cover cool and temperature-regulating with a greater ability to wick away moisture and maintain a perfect microclimate during sleep for a sensation of coolness and freshness that lasts all night,
  • LAYER (B) - 1" of MEMOSOFT FOAM - The quilted Memosoft, combined with the Super Soft fiber padding, offers an enveloping comfort, adapting to your body contours,
  • LAYER (B) - 1" SUPER SOFT FIBER PADDING - Coupled with Memosoft this soft, breathable material enhances the topper effect by gently cradling the body as you sleep,
  • LAYER (C) - 2" of MAGNIGEL + 1" of MEMOFORM -  Magnigel is the most breathable and flexible material on the market. Its high density makes it extraordinarily soft and comfortable combined with Memoform which is designed to react to the weight of the body and to adapt perfectly to any type of build ensuring perfect support for the whole body,
  • LAYER (D) - 7" of  MAGNIFOAM ELIOFORM - The base layer is made of a high density foam that acts as the foundation for the layers above. Its patented design provides for optimal spine support, responsiveness to sleep movement and breath-ability.


  • 20 Years


  • Magniflex has a proven track record; 35 million customers over 50 years,
  • Recognized as one of the "Top 500" most dynamic companies in Europe,
  • Continually invest in R&D to improve upon the materials used in their mattresses to enhance the sleep experience,
  • MADE in Italy assures you that their products are held to high quality and health standards/regulations that surpass those of North America.

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