Downsview Open 23"W Nightstand in Wrought Iron with Gold Base & Hardware - AVAILABLE IN OTHER FINISHES & SIZES

  • SIZE (as shown): 23"W x 18"D x 25"H
  • SIZE OPTIONS: 18"W, 30"W
  • WOOD SPECIES (Priced as shown): POPLAR
  • WOOD SPECIES OPTIONS: Ash, Maple, or Walnut  
  • FINISH (Priced as shown): WROUGHT IRON
  • FINISH OPTIONS (Stain): Clay, Cobalt, Eclipse, Java, Midnight, Mocha,  
  • FINISH OPTIONS (Painted): Chantilly Lace, Classic Grey, Collingwood, Wrought Iron
  • BASE (METAL) FINISH (Priced as shown): GOLD
  • BASE (METAL) FINISH OPTIONS: Black, Gold or Nickel
  • HARDWARE (Priced as shown): GOLD-J01-G
  • HARDWARE OPTIONS: Black, Gold, Nickel - in different shapes/sizes
    ID#: G01-B04-0583-P-F10-J01-G-G

    * Please note Prices shown may be subject to change without notice.