• SIZE AS SHOWN: 94-134" L x 39" W x 29.5" H
      • Wood Selection & Finish: Plain Walnut with Sapwood, Lacquered #110 (Upcharge included in price) Includes "simple open" track hardware with self storing leaf
        • FIXED TOP - SIZES AVAILABLE: 71"L x 35.4"W,  71"L x 39.4"W,  79"L x 35.4"W,  79"L x 39.4"W,  87"L x 39.4"W,  94"L x 39.4"W,  102"L x 39.4"W,  110"L x 39.4"W,
        • TABLE TOP WITH LEAF - SIZES AVAILABLE: 71"L - 98"W x 35.4"W,  71"L - 98"W x 39.4"W,  79"L - 106"W x 35.4"W, 79"L - 106"W x 39.4"W,  87"L - 126"W x 39.4"W
        • Also available in other finishes: oak, walnut, cherry and beech
        ID#: 540520

        * Please note Prices shown may be subject to change without notice.