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Should you splurge or save on a sofa?

February 07, 2014

Customers always ask us why is there so much difference in the price of, what appears to be the same sofa? It's the workhorse of your living room, subjected to spills, snacks and couch surfers, so should you spend a lot or a little? The New York Times analyzes the couch. Writer Steven Kurutz investigates sofas, from budget to designer, to discover exactly how such similar designs can have such different price tags. Is it simply the frame, foam and fabric, or do your extra dollars pay for the very designers and marketing campaigns that necessitate the high sticker price?

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Semisomnia - SLEEP WISDOM from Dr. Neil Stanley

February 06, 2014

In advance of Dr. Neil Stanley's Ottawa stop on his North American Sleep Well Tour, we wanted to share his latest thoughts on a term he calls Semisomnia.
A few years ago I coined the phrase ‘semisomnia’ to describe the everyday poor sleep and low grade exhaustion and sleepiness during the day that most of us experience on a regular basis.

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Vi Spring Mattress - Guaranteeing You The Perfect Night's Sleep

February 03, 2014

Vi Spring - The Key to a Perfect Sleep!The key to a perfect sleep is all in the spring support of the mattress. Pillow tops, latex and foam mattresses can and will only provide you with a short term comfort sensation. The ViSpring mattress is made to provide you with a lifetime of comfort and Perfect Support.

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