Moire Rug SAMPLE in Beige, Tan and Camel

Thomas O'Brien began this design as an interpretation of wood grain for a woven carpet. The inspiration was a vintage set of heavily grained, carved wooden dishes, whose texture reminded him of moire fabric. He adapted a portion of the grain with the watered quality of a moiré, and then book matched the pattern, in the style of a wood veneer. The beautiful weave has a rippling luster in golden beige or light green-blue colorways.

Rug Details

Construction: Hand Knotted

Fiber Content: Silk

Style: Contemporary

Sizes Available

SKU Size Shape
TOB912B-10 10’ X 14’ Large Rectangle
TOB912B-3 3’ X 4’-6" Small Rectangle
TOB912B-4 4’ X 6’ Small Rectangle
TOB912B-6 6’ X 9’ Medium Rectangle
TOB912B-8 8’ X 10’ Large Rectangle
TOB912B-9 9’ X 12’ Large Rectangle