Chippendale Trellis Rug SAMPLE in Taupe

Rather than a lacework pattern as in Chippendale Ring, this carpet highlights the solid shapes created in the space of a relaxed quatrefoil trellis. One version of this silk and wool design is in lustrous silver with olive; another features a rosy sienna with an interloping pattern of cream shapes. The pattern is book matched from the center, as a floor would be laid out, which creates a symmetrical inner panel with a natural frame. A traditional silhouette put to a more modern effect.

Rug Details

Construction: Hand Knotted

Fiber Content: Silk

Style: Contemporary

Sizes Available

SKU Size Shape
TOB827A-10 10’ X 14’ Large Rectangle
TOB827A-4 4’ X 6’ Small Rectangle
TOB827A-6 6’ X 9’ Medium Rectangle
TOB827A-8 8’ X 10’ Large Rectangle
TOB827A-9 9’ X 12’ Large Rectangle