Plaid Exclusive - Baby Alpaca - Camel - 50" x 79"

AVAILABILITY: We have 1 On Display

  • baby alpaca contains no lanolin, making this plaid allergy-free
  • does not pill easily
  • easy to care for
  • highly breathable
  • lightweight
  • no prickle factor

This Plaid Exclusive is made of 100% baby alpaca wool from the Peruvian Highlands 3500-5000m above sea level. Baby alpaca is considered as the best natural fibre in the world, being very warm, soft, silky and durable. Baby alpaca wool is not prickly and can be worn next to skin. Alpaca fibre contains no lanolin which makes it allergy-free, perfect for people with sensitive skin. This fibre is also naturally water- and dirt repellent. Baby alpaca keeps you warm on the inside and radiant to the outside