Magniflex Nuvola Dual 12 Mattress


  • NATURAL MEMORY FOAM ALTERNATIVE: Magniflex mattresses are made in an eco-friendly environment and all materials used are non-toxic and Oeko-Tex certified (highest certification rating of 100)
  • WEIGHT VS. TEMPERATURE: Magniflex Mattresses adapt and contour to the weight of your body vs the temperature of the room and body thus guaranteeing a sleep mattress that is more responsive to your different sleep positions
  • FREE FROM: the use of Formaldehyde, toxic chemicals, off-gassing or foul odors, no harmful CFC's or VOC's
  • BENEFIT: 100% Breathable – eliminate perspiring, 100% Hypoallergenic and 100% dust mite free
  • HISTORY: Magniflex has been manufacturing mattresses in Italy for over 50 years
  • PROVEN COMFORT: Over 35 million people sleep on Magniflex mattresses
  • CERTIFICATIONS: Magniflex carries the most certifcations in the industry; ergonomically certified by the University of Florence, LGA certified to guarantee the durability of the materials used, and OEKO-TEX 100

    "An Incredible Sensation of Coolness and Comfort" is covered in Thermic® fabric which is cool and comfortable to the touch, providing instant relief to the body during a hot day, while the viscose fabric makes it even softer to the touch. 

    • COMFORT LEVEL: Super Soft or Soft
    • SIZES AVAILABLE: Single, Double, Queen and King
    • HEIGHT: 12"
    • MATTRESS TYPE: Dual TWO "ZONE" MATTRESS - You can have your mattress setup so that One Side is SOFT and the other Side is Super SOFT or both sides can be the same
    • MADE OF:
    • Cover: The Thermic® fabric is extremely cool and comfortable to the touch, providing instant relief to the body during a hot day, while the natural viscose lining makes it even softer to the touch. The mattress lining cover can be completely removed and easily dry-cleaned.

    • Padding: The padding in Memosoft and Super Soft fiber provides extra comfort all night long.

    • Comfort level: The Dual Core technology allows sleep partners to personalize the comfort on their own side of the bed by simply flip the inner foam cores. The "Super Soft" side provides an incredibly soft and cozy comfort, thanks to the layer in Aquabreeze (5"), a flexible and breathable material; while the "Soft" side provides a firmer support, thanks to the layer in Elioform. The mattress breathability and differentiated support zones ensure increased dissipation of body moisture, for a good night’s sleep.

    • Base layer: Elioform, with airyform technology and differentiated support zones (5") provides a support to the spine.

    • WARRANTY: 20 Years
    • BOXSPRING (if needed) is sold separately