Petrified Wood Side Table

The Petrified wood side table is a unique piece of history in itself because it tells a story of a beautiful tree that once existed perhaps millions of years ago. and it has been preserved in its original shape and look for you to enjoy millions of years later.

But the question is: How does wood last so long? How can it become so hard that it can last for millions of years? Well, the answer is easier than you may think. Wood that has been preserved is said to have been petrified. That being, that there is actually no wood left in the piece. The wood died and was gone many years ago. What you are actually seeing is where minerals have replaced the wood, but in the same shape and form. So that while you see the wood just as it looked millions of years ago, it is actually a rock that has taken the form of the wood.

Note:  Size, weight and colour can vary slightly as each table is a "one of a kind" table.

Avg. weight is 300 lbs. (only available to ship/deliver locally)

ID#: 319-712/BER1810